Royal Enclosure Terms & Conditions


Prospective new Members can download a form from the website.

You are eligible to sponsor a new member providing you have attended the Royal Enclosure as a Member for a minimum of five years, although these need not have been in consecutive years.

A Member can sponsor up to a maximum of two new Members in any one calendar year.

A new applicant will need to be sponsored by two eligible Members. Please be aware that two Members residing at the same address cannot both sponsor the same applicant.

New Members will be required to pay a joining fee of £100. Badges usually go on sale in January and can be applied for via the Royal Enclosure website

The Member Application Form must be completed and administered by the prospective Member, and signed by both sponsors.

New applicants must be 18 years or older at the time of the event.

One passport sized photograph is required for each application.

There should be a form submitted for each applicant proposal, however a married couple can be included as new applicants on the same form, one photograph required for each applicant.


Members are invited to purchase badges via the Royal Enclosure website from January each year.  They will receive an invitation via post, which indicates that the website is open and taking bookings for that year’s Royal Ascot.


As a Royal Enclosure Member, you may bring up to two guests on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Royal Meeting.

Guests may only attend with an existing Royal Enclosure Member. There will be a limited number of guest badges available and these will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Once guest capacity has been reached, a Member will be unable to have the opportunity to purchase guest badges.

As the host Member, we ask that you are responsible for ensuring that your guests behave in an appropriate manner to which is expected of Royal Enclosure Members.  Guests should fully comply with the Terms & Conditions of the Royal Enclosure, including the dress code, to ensure that there is no embarrassment or exclusion on the day. You will be responsible if your guests do not follow the Royal Enclosure rules.

We cannot provide any refunds or credits for non-attendance of guests.  If you need to change the name of your guest, please bring their badge with you on the day of attendance and we can rewrite it, in the name of the replacement guest.  Please note, for Royal Ascot 2022 and beyond there will be a £25 administration fee to make this change.


Junior's daily badges, for Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Royal Meeting are priced at £50.

Please ensure that you request Junior badges in advance as these are not available on the day. You will be able to book Junior badges via the website.

Babies and children under the age of 10 are not permitted in the Royal Enclosure on any day.

Buggies are not permitted in the Royal Enclosure.

Badges & Refunds

Members wishing to change the name or day of a badge on their order will be asked to pay and administration fee of £25 to make a change to each badge, after we begin posting badges 23rd May 2022. 

We cannot provide any refunds or credits for non-attendance of Members or their guests, including non-attendance in light of a positive Covid test.

By purchasing badges for the Royal Enclosure, Members agree to be (and will be) bound by the terms and conditions of entry. Members will also need to ensure their guests comply with the terms and conditions of entry.

Badges shall not be purchased or otherwise obtained from or through any person, commercial agent or otherwise than directly by the Member via the Royal Enclosure website. Badges must not be given, used as prizes or incentives, sold or advertised for sale by any means.

Royal Enclosure Members and their guests must wear badges in their own name, and badges must not be worn by anyone other than the named individual. Badges can only be worn whilst adhering to the Royal Enclosure dress code.  Members and guests must be able to show photographic identification, if requested.

If badges are being collected from the Royal Enclosure Office, it will be necessary to show acceptable proof of identity and a signature will be required.

Digital Tickets

From Royal Ascot 2021, it is a requirement that all Members and their guests should hold a Royal Enclosure badge alongside a digital ticket, for entry into the Royal Enclosure. 

Digital tickets will be sent via email to each Member and their guest before the Royal Meeting.  It is the person’s responsibility to keep the digital ticket in an accessible place to show before entry into the Royal Enclosure. 

Digital tickets can be printed at home or shown on a phone for scanning before entry.

Lost and Forgotten Badges

Please keep your badges and digital tickets in a safe place.  Lost or forgotten Royal Enclosure badges or digital tickets can be replaced on the day by visiting either Car Park 1 Office or Ticket Office West.  There is a replacement fee of £25 for each Member or guest wishing to replace a lost badge, digital ticket or both.

Dress Code

The Royal Enclosure dress code forms an integral part of the Royal Ascot tradition. It is very important that all Members ensure that they and their guests adhere to this code.

Formal daywear is required, with dresses and skirts of modest length, defined as falling just above the knee or longer
Dresses and tops should have straps of one inch or wider
Jackets and pashminas may be worn but the dresses and tops underneath should still comply with Royal Enclosure dress code
Trouser suits are welcome. They should be of full length and of matching material and colour
Hats should be worn. A headpiece which has a solid base of four inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative
Jumpsuits are welcome. They should fall below the knee with regulations matching that for dresses.

Please note the following:

Strapless, off the shoulder, halter neck, sheer and spaghetti straps are not permitted
Midriffs must be covered
Fascinators are not permitted

Girls, aged 10-17

Girls should dress in accordance with the Ladies’ dress code. However, they may wear a headpiece or fascinator as an alternative to a hat, without any size restriction.


Black, grey or navy morning dress is required, including a waistcoat and tie
A black or grey top hat
Black shoes worn with socks

Please note the following:

Cravats are not permitted
Bow ties are not permitted
Adornments to top hats are not permitted
A gentleman may remove his top hat within a restaurant, a private box, a private club or that facility’s terrace, balcony or garden. Hats may also be removed within any enclosed external seating area within the Royal Enclosure Garden. The customisation of top hats (with, for example, coloured ribbons or bands) is not permitted in the Royal Enclosure.
National Dress or Regimental uniform may be worn as an alternative to the above.

Boys aged 10-17

Boys aged 10-17 should either dress in accordance with the gentlemen’s dress code or alternatively may wear a dark-coloured lounge suit with shirt and tie.

Please note that if you have any medical reason or disability which prevents you from wearing appropriate dress code, we will of course accommodate this with discretion.

It is very important that you and your guests adhere to the dress code.

Royal Enclosure Car Park Rules & Regulations

Car Parks One, Two and Seven are solely for use by Royal Enclosure Members and their guests during Royal Ascot. 

Car Parks One, Two and Seven are for cars only. We are unable to accommodate mini buses or oversized or commercial vehicles within the allocated berths.  These larger veichles must be parked in Car Park 5 or Car Park 8.

Please note that without the appropriate car park label displayed, cars will not be allowed into the Car Parks. Car Park labels remain the property of Ascot Racecourse Limited. 

Cars must be parked strictly in their berth confines and not overlap into neighbouring berths. 

Access to Ascot Racecourse (which includes the Car Parks) and the Royal Enclosure is subject to the Royal Enclosure Rules and the terms and conditions of entry into Ascot Racecourse. 

Picnics may be enjoyed in the Car Parks (but not the Racecourse itself). For the comfort of all berth holders in Car Park One and Two, we recommend the maximum group size per picnic is 12 people. 

Caterers may be admitted into Car Parks One and Two, providing a contractor's pass has been requested in advance. Caterers and Contractors must vacate Car Parks One and Two by 10.30am each morning. 

Customers are not permitted to bring in external caterers to cater for their picnics in Car Park Seven. 

Gazebos and awnings must be taken down before racing commences where these have been erected within 50 metres of the Racecourse. Ascot Racecourse Limited does however recommend taking down gazebos and awnings across the site before racing commences as Ascot Racecourse Limited is not responsible for any loss or damage to them; and customers will be liable for any damage caused by them to the racecourse, other customers or their cars. Ascot Racecourse Limited regrets it is not possible to provide additional space for gazebos or awnings. 

Any gazebos or awnings erected within a car parking berth in any of the Car Parks must be within the confines of that berth (and not overlap into neighbouring berths). Any gazebos or awnings (or similar) must be pinned down into the ground so they can be deemed secure in all weather conditions. All berth holders are personally responsible for the safety of their property. Gazebo size should be limited to the width of a car parking berth. 

Private photography is allowed, however, photographs taken at Ascot Racecourse (including the Car Parks) may not be used for commercial or media purposes. Professional film crews are not permitted access.

Commercial or branded vehicles will not be admitted. 

Car Parks One, Two and Seven are not to be used for any commercial activity of any nature. We consider commercial use to include branding on awnings and gazebos. Customers may be asked to cover branding on other items such as cars, umbrellas and clothing where we believe (in our absolute discretion) that the branding is being used as part of any promotional or other commercial activity. 

Cars are not permitted to remain in the car parks overnight. Car Parks open at 9am and close at 9pm. Cars left overnight may be towed away. 

The usual elegant and uplifting behaviour expected of our Members inside the Royal Enclosure should be replicated in the Car Parks. Drunkenness, rowdy behaviour or intimidating other Members, their guests and staff will not be tolerated. 

Ascot Racecourse Limited reserves the right to inspect and/or search cars prior to entry to the Car Parks. If any customers or their guests do not agree to such inspection or searches when asked, they will refused entry to the Car Park. 

Car Park One and Two berth holders must make payment before each Royal Meeting.  Non payment will result in loss of the parking berth.  Berth holders must also purchase two Royal Enclosure badges in their name for any two days across the week of Royal Ascot. 
As a berth holder, you are permitted to transfer your berth to an immediate family member is you so wish, specifically spouse or child; but no other relation. They must also be an eligible Royal Enclosure Member who fits the criteria for a Car Park One or Two berth - they must have attended the Royal Enclosure as a Member in their own right for a minimum of 10 years. 

Ascot Racecourse Limited reserves the right to change any berth in Car Park One and Two at its absolute discretion and/or to remove a berth completely. Where a berth has been removed, Ascot Racecourse Limited will use its reasonable endeavour to allocate an alternative berth, subject to availability. 

At all times, we ask Royal Enclosure Members and their guests to be respectful of these Rules and Regulations for the enjoyment of the Car Parks.

General Disclaimer

All cars are parked at the customer's risk. Ascot Racecourse Limited, cannot be responsible for ensuring the safety of cars or their contents within the Car Parks, Ascot Racecourse Limited, The Crown Estate, The Ascot Authority and Ascot Racecourse Estates Limited and their servants and agents shall not be liable for any loss or damage to any cars or their contents whilst on the Car Parks unless the loss or damage has been caused by their negligence.

Ascot Racecourse Limited, The Crown Estate, The Ascot Authority and Ascot Racecourse Estates Limited and their servants and agents shall not be liable for any death or injury to any person on the Car Parks except where such death or personal injury to persons is caused by their negligence or their deliberate act or omission.

General Rules in Relation to Access to the Racecourse

Members of the Royal Enclosure or their guests are expected to behave in a manner appropriate to a formal occasion.

Abusive or unsavory behaviour towards any staff will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the racecourse and termination of Royal Enclosure Membership. 

Drunkenness, rowdy behaviour or intimidating other Members will not be tolerated.
Badge swapping is not acceptable and may result in the termination of Royal Enclosure Membership. Seat reservation in the viewing areas is not permitted.

Any form of commercial activity is forbidden in the Royal Enclosure. Ascot Racecourse Limited considers this to include branded umbrellas and branding on clothing or headwear, however subtle.

Whilst private photography is allowed, photographs taken at Ascot Racecourse may not be used for commercial or media purposes. In addition, long lens cameras are forbidden, as is any filming.

Wheelchairs, both manual and motorised, are permitted in the Royal Enclosure.

Failure to follow acceptable behavioural standards and these rules (including the dress code), may lead to a Member or any guest being refused admission to, or being asked to leave, the Royal Enclosure and a Member or guest’s badges being confiscated. In the event of a failure to follow dress codes, Members and/or their guests may be permitted to remain in the Queen Anne Enclosure.

The Ascot Authority may keep and retain a record of applications, together with Members' and related guests' behaviour and any breaches of these rules and any conditions governing entry to Ascot Racecourse generally. Members consent to the Ascot Authority holding and processing data relating to them for legal, enforcement and management purposes and, in particular, sensitive personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998) relating to the Members and their guests.

If you have any questions or would like further clarification on any of these points, please do contact the Royal Enclosure Office 01344 878474 or email [email protected].